business teamwork – business men making a puzzle

The Power of People

I’ve had the opportunity to work at small and large companies over the course of my career.  There is one constant that remains.  When you have good people on your team that trust and support each other and work towards common goals – let’s call it a “dream team” – you realize the miracles you…


Inbound Marketing Magic

The face of marketing continously changes over time with new technology and tools. All the traditional strategies still apply like attending trade shows, writing press releases, advertising where applicable, getting targeted media coverage by journalists or online venues, etc. However, there’s a new category called “Inbound Marketing” that can no longer be ignored. Wikipedia’s Definition…


5 Key Business Success Factors

Over the years, I’ve done consulting in different countries, in a range of industries and at various levels of business maturity from start-ups to established companies. Regardless of the product or service, I have come to recognize a few key factors that equal success. 1. Create a Sense of UrgencyThere are two kinds of urgency…


Whole Product Marketing

Have you ever looked at an iPod and all the things around it that make it a complete product? Actually, don’t, it’s endless. That said, Apple’s vision of the iPod and how it has developed is a great example of whole product marketing. If you buy an iPod, it comes with ear buds and a…


Forever Searching

At various past jobs, I would loved to have had millions of marketing dollars for intelligence services, analyst reports and more to make my job easier. I often didn’t have that luxury so, I had to learn to get creative with my own searches and digging for information to validate and support marketing plans. I…


Competitive Clarity

Competition is a tough animal. In creating products and services, it is becoming more and more critical to be able to differentiate yourself from the pack. Have you succeeded? Remember, when customers have money to spend, they can look at your offering or at other companies that have similar offerings. You would be amazed at…

Generic Value Chain

The Value of the Value Chain

There’s one marketing tool I go to when working with clients that assists me in quickly understanding where products and services fit into the larger buying cycle ecosystem. I actually see the value chain as a window into a market. The idea of a value chain originates from business management theories and is first described…